Hotel Roommate Matching

Hotel Roommate Matching provides ASHE Graduate Students (and post-docs, and so on) to connect with each other to share hotel expenses.

This service is offered by courtesy, and neither ASHE nor ASHEGrads are responsible for the sharing of any information, any unforeseen circumstances, and hold no liability for roommate matching.

If you would like to provide your information and needs for conference roommate matching, please fill out the form online: ASHE 2018 Roommate Matching Form – Tampa, FL

After you have submitted your information, feel free to check back to see if you have needs others might be able to provide. If you are getting a room and want to share, sign up and put the offer out there.

[updated September 18, 2018]


    1. Wendan,
      Sorry about the delay. The person who set it up last year is not offering the service this year. However, the spreadsheet and site have been updated so you may submit your information and request and hopefully it works out again. Check the roommate matching piece under the conference tab.

  1. I am looking for a female roommate! I come in on Wednesday and leave on Saturday. My name is Sandy Jones and I can be e-mailed at “swins001” (those are two zeros) “at” “UC”.

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