The ASHE By-Laws require that two graduate students serve as members of the ASHE Board of Directors. One graduate student is elected to the board each year to serve a two-year term. Graduate students contribute to the board’s decision-making process in ways that take into consideration graduate students’ issues. They represent the graduate student community and advocate for graduate student members of the association by raising graduate students’ concerns, voicing the needs of graduate students, considering how board decisions will affect graduate students and subsequently sharing those perspectives with the board. Graduate Student Representatives work to develop innovative ways to improve the experiences of graduate student members within the ASHE community and to assist graduate students in connecting with existing resources.


Current ASHE Graduate Student Representatives

     Valerie Crespín-Trujillo (2016-2018)               Genia Bettencourt (2017-2019)

Past Graduate Representatives
Katherine Wheatle (2015-2017)
David Nguyen (2014-2016)
Jill Jones (2013-2015)
Amalia Dache-Gerbino (2012-2014)
Brian A. Burt (2011-2013)
Lisa Millora (2010-2012)
Emma Maria Xochitl Flores (2009-2011)
Amanda Suniti Niskodé-Dossett (2008-2010)
Judy Marquez Kiyama (2007-2009)
Kelly Risbey (2006-2008)
Ashley Sieman (2005-2007)
Kimberly Rogers (2004-2006)
Diane Dean (2003-2005)
Amy Metcalfe (2002-2004)
Katherine Garlough (2001-2003)
Shederick McClendon (2000-2002)
Joyce Raveling (1999-2001)
Leonor Xochitl Perez (1998-2000)
Melissa Anderson (1997-1998)
Cheryl Ponder (1996-1997)
Octavio Villalpando (1995-1997)
Anna V. Shaw-Sullivan (1995-1996)
Amaury Nora (1994-1995)
Gary Rhoades (1993-1995)
Anna V. Shaw-Sullivan (1993-1994)
Bridget Price (1992-1993)
Judy Grace (1990-1991)
Michael Olivas (1990-1991)
James Ratcliff (1988-1989)
John Thelin (1988-1989)
Shelia Slaughter (1986-1987)
Susan Twombly (1986-1987)
Clifton Conrad (1985-1986)
John Smart (1985-1986)
Robert Birnbaum (1984-1985)
Kathryn Moore (1984-1985)
Jack Schuster (1983-1984)
James Morrison (1982-1984)
John S. Smart (1982-1983)
Joyce Marlier (1981-1982)
Ann Morey (1981-1982)


Last updated February 26, 2018